Brickwork prints for scale models
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I do not get many donations (thanks to all that have donated) so I am considering whether to charge for each file, or charge for a fixed amount for 1 hour on the site, tell me what you think.

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Welcome to Paperbrick.
  • Free brick prints for modellers.
  • Generate your own unique pattern of bricks to create your own unique brick paper.
  • Every generated print file has a randomly generated pattern of bricks using images of real bricks.
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generating your bricks.
Please read below to see why I decided to create this site.

I had started to build a model train layout in the garden shed,(the first time I have tried such a thing). I tell people that it is for the grandchildren's entertainment, but it's as much for mine if I'm honest.

Anyway - in the course of events I found myself wanting a print of brickwork in OO scale, so I searched the internet and found some. I needed to create a long wall so I printed several copies of the bricks I had downloaded to paste side by side along the wall. Now, whilst the brickwork on a single print is random enough, when you paste several prints of the same print along a wall, you get a repeated pattern - I needed a way of getting several files with the same bricks but with different patterns.

It occurred to me that I could possibly write a program that generated random brick patterns.

This site is my attempt at programming such a thing.

PDF files are generated using images of real bricks selected at random from the brick set that you choose.

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