Brickwork prints for scale models
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Have you used files from this site to create models?
I would like to see pictures of models you have created (I might create a gallery if I get enough).
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Advice for printing files.

To help you get the best from your prints I offer the following advice.

  • To preserve the correct size of the print, don't use scaling.
    Most PDF viewers, in their print dialog, offer the option of page scaling, make sure you set this to 'None'

  • Use a good quality paper.
    Matte photo paper is a popular choice.
    One user said 'Printing on Rymans ivory parchment paper 90gm2. This gives a great subtle colour to the bricks.'

  • Set up your printer for high quality prints.
    This can be done by selecting 'preferences' or 'properties' from the print dialog.
    Settings for printers vary greatly for different makes and models of printers, set everything to photo and high quality and make sure that the paper selected matches what you are using.

If any of you expert modellers out there have any additional tips for printing, please let me know.
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